President's Emissaries

Hello! This past week has been packed full of all kinds of happenings!

First off, Tuesday night I had dinner with Dr. Curran, UD’s president! I am not sure, but I think Dr. Curran has dinner with a lot of the campus organizations at least once, so this time he invited a group of River Stewards. I was not sure what to expect because I have never really met Dr. Curran before, but I really enjoyed it. The dinner was in the Presidential Suite of Kennedy Union, and it was pretty fancy! The room had a little seating area with a fire place and a big banquet-style table. The dinner was pretty relaxed, and we just talked about our program and what we are doing. I can now check “Talk to Dr. Curran” off my list.

Last night was also quite exciting because UD’s men’s basketball team beat the University of Alabama! It was a really great game and the crowd was awesome! Red Scare, UD’s student section, had several tricks to mess up the other team when shooting free throws. We had organized cheers, motions, signs, flags, etc. Red Scare also handed out latex gloves to “enhance” the clapping. The pep band director also had on a sequenced suit with flashing lights! It was a ton of fun!

After the game, On the Fly performed their Christmas impov show, which is always good. My housemates and I went straight from the game, stopped at the Hangar for ice cream, and then went to On the Fly.

Typically the last week of classes is one of the most stressful weeks, but thankfully it has not been stressful for me. Welp, I have got to run because Christmas on Campus festivities start soon! I was not able to adopt a kid this year, so I am going with my roommate.