River Stewards Orientation 2011(Part II)

I had to be up and at it bright and early for day one of River Steward orientation. Unfortunately, it was a bitter cold morning, and the junior cohort (junior stewards) had kayak training on the Mad River, which is 52-ish degrees. We were out on the water with a guy from White Water Warehouse, and he taught us some new paddling techniques as well as several safety techniques. It was a lot of fun despite the temperature.

After kayak training, we had our first meeting to plan out our senior project. We had an awesome meeting, and I am super excited about our project. I am not going to reveal our project yet, but in the past, senior projects have been: 5 day kayak trips, weekly Dayton outings, and RecBikes (a program that allows UD students to rent bikes from the RecPlex to take out in the city or on the bike paths here in Dayton!). Just a hint, our project is very focused on bottled water.

For dinner that night, we had Dewey’s pizza at one of the senior stews house.