River Stewards Orientation 2011(Part IV)

The second day of the paddle trip, only the freshman go out on the water, so the juniors went to a low ropes course, and the seniors did a bike trip. We went up to Camp Kern and had another good bonding experience doing the low ropes course. The course wasn’t really challenging, but it is always cool to see how we work as a team. I had actually done many similar team building exercises with my coworkers at home, and it is amazing to see the difference between my coworkers and my fellow stews working out these puzzles--- the River Stews are much better. The guy that led the camp was even amazed at how well we did.

After the ropes course we stopped at this little tiny antique shop that was in the middle of nowhere. This little antique place was packed full of stuff! We had a lot of fun just poking around.

We had a decent van-ride back to campus and we sang songs all the way home. For some reason, Backstreet Boys was a favorite among the stews all during orientation.

Once we were back on campus, we had closing reflections and pizza. I have to admit, I was quite sad that orientation had ended because I really loved this year’s orientation. I felt like I got to know everybody a lot more and we all got really close. I think we are going to have a very successful year as River Stewards.