River Summit (New Experience 1)

Hello, there! I have been incredibly busy these last few days! This past week was a lot of firsts/new things for me. To start off, I want to tell you about the River Summit!

Last Thursday, was the River Summit here at UD, and it was an awesome experience! I really didn't know what the River Summit was because it is my first year as a river steward, but I signed up to do a presentation that morning, and I am glad I did. All of the River Stewards took a trip down "Ohio's Great River Corridor," which basically means we all took a trip to a different city along the Great Miami River. My group went to Piqua, so we did a little presentation on everything you can do in Piqua. After the Stewards presentations, there was a presentation about Ohio's Great Corridor, which is basically a plan/committee that is trying to bring people back to the river. After the 1913 flood along the river, most cities viewed the river as a bad thing and turned away from it, but now they are pushing for people to view it as an asset. The committee gave a presentation on how they plan to accomplish this goal and it was really inspiring. They were saying how rivers have economic, aesthetic, and recreational value. They are hoping to ultimate use it as a driving force in the corridor cities' economies because people that go kayaking down or biking along the river tend to stop in the towns and spend money along the way. This is just the tip of the iceburg on this project, but it is really a great idea! If you want to know more about Ohio's Great Corridor go to http://www.ohiosgreatcorridor.com/ .

Also, the River Summit had a variety of talks throughout the day including: mayors, Fiver Rivers Metro Parks, and various others. I really wanted to stay for the whole summit, but I couldn't skip all of my classes, so I was only there for an hour of it. If you want to learn more about the River Summit go to http://riversummit.udayton.edu/ .

I am definitely looking forward to next year's River Summit!