Rivers and Streams

Why hello, there! I am just winding down from a great weekend. I hope you had a great weekend, too! I actually spent most of my weekend in and around water, which makes for a nice weekend.

Anyways, water outting number one was a river clean-up Saturday morning. A group of river stewards weathered the cold and the rain and traipsed through bush honeysuckle along the bank of the river to clean up trash. We were all allowed to get in kayaks to clean up, as well, but I was not about to get in a kayak when it's pouring down raining and the water is flowing high and fast, so I was a "Bank Steward" for the day. We did the river clean-up as part of the Five Rivers MetroParks adopt a park day. It was really great to see hundreds of people out in the cold planting trees, and cleaning up the metroparks. I sound like I hated the weather, but I actually found it to be more fun in the rain because it was an adventure.

Water outting number two was macro invertebrate and water column sampling today with Dr. McEwan's lab. I am working under a graduate student who is studying the effects of invasive honeysuckle on stream systems, so part of her project is to look at water quality and the little critters in the water at various marked sites in a stream. I had never been sampling before, and I had a great time! It was an absolutely beautiful day, so it was great just walking around in a steram listening to the birds chirping and the water flowing and girgling around. Everything was going hunky dory until I was thigh-deep in water and was informed that I was standing next to the spot where they had found a fish-eating spider--- that was the end of the fun for me. I still get the willies just picturing this huge spider eating fish! The grad. student said that it was the size of her hand and they are native in this area! Of course after that, I had to sit in the stream and pick-up rocks with my bare hands to do sampling. I was petrified I'd pick up a massive carnivorous spider!

Welp, that is all for my weekend. Have a great start to the week!