Roberto Plano

Hello, all! I hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful weather! I can't help but like this weather, but part of me doesn't like it because there is that strange climate change thing that you might have heard maybe just a little something about...Regardless of the irregular weather patterns, today was a great day to be at UD! It is amazing how much this campus comes to life when the sun shines! I was on my way home today and there were people every where! It is kind of neat to see the variety of interests people have because there were people sitting outside studying and reading. I also saw people playing baseball, soccer, football, frisbee, running, etc. I even saw people playing guitars and singing! Anyways, tonight I went to a performance by Roberto Plano. He is an extremely well-respected pianist from Italy, and he came to perform pieces by Andrea Luchesi and several others. The interesting thing about Andrea Luchesi's music is that I guess he has been pretty much unrecognized for a long time, but he was an extremely successful pianist during Mozart's time and may have actually sold some of his compositions to Mozart. It is an interesting story. I really enjoyed the concert! Have a great night!