Senioritis.....and Ice Books!

Hello, all! I hope everybody is enjoying the perfect fall weekend! I have enjoyed my weekend, but I have to confess that senioritis has definitely started creeping up. I am unfortunately trying to study human anatomy tonight, which is only going sub-par. I have been studying, but it is really hard to focus because I so badly want to just do something fun tonight. I am telling myself that it is worth it to keep plugging away, but there is the other voice telling me that it is not worth it because when you are 125 credit hours in, there is not much you can do to your GPA. Unfortunately my anatomy test is Monday and I have a genetics of human disease test on Wednesday, so there is not a lot of time to mess around this weekend.

Yesterday, though, I did do fun stuff! I only had class at 2:00 because I had no education seminar in the morning. After class, my fiance came down to visit and we participated in the launching of ice books at the Great Miami River! You might be wondering what ice books are, so I will explain. We had a resident artist here this past week named Basia Irland, and she uses art to bring awareness to water-related issues. She is from New Mexico, but she travels the world working on water issues from parasites to glaciers. The ice book project is called Reseeding/Receding and is meant to bring attention to the receding glaciers in the world and the importance of native plants. Basia was here all week to teach students how to make ice books and guest lecture in various courses. The ice books Basia makes are typically hundreds of pounds, but we made smaller ones for this occasion. Several of the Marianists involved in restoration projects collected hundreds of native riparian (river bank) seeds and distributed them for anyone interested in making an ice book. So to make an ice book, you fill a container with water, freeze it, carve it in the shape of a book, lay seeds on it, spray it with water, and freeze it again. Most of us made lame non-book shaped ice sheets, but it was still pretty cool. Anyways, we all gathered by the Stuart Street bridge and launched our ice books in the river and watched them melt and disperse native seeds.

Here is a link to Basia's website
Here is a link to the UD website about Basia's visit

Have a great night!