Shower Fears

Hi, there! I hope everybody is enjoying these beautiful summer days! I was fortunate enough to enjoy yesterday at Cox Arboretum here in Dayton. I am always bragging about Dayton's Metroparks, but boy are they great! Yesterday was my second time exploring Cox, and I just love it. My boyfriend came to visit me, and we spent the whole evening exploring all of the trails in the forest, walking through the dried up creek beds, and watching turtles swim in the ponds. Cox has a lot of cool stuff including a butterfly house! I just love that place. After Cox I had dinner at Steak 'n Shake and called it a night.

Prior to going to Cox, I was having a less than stellar day. I started my day off by getting locked out of my room after I showered. I had never been locked out of my room before, and I couldn't figure out how it happened until I realized that there were people here testing all of the fire alarms, so they were going in the rooms to test and locking the doors after. I do not know for sure but that is my suspicion. Since I was locked out of my room I had to go down stairs to get a key from the front desk, which is always embarrassing in the post shower attire. As frustrating as that can be, I always get a kick out of those stereotypical college experiences. After that little episode, I just had one thing after another go wrong, but my day ended well and that is all that matters.

As for today, nothing too excited has happened. I worked for the Rivers Institute a bit and then identified herbs for a couple of hours. Have a great night!