Snow Snow and more Snow!

Hello! I can't help but vent for just a moment. I am usually thrilled to see it snow, but this snow is ruining my weekend. Tomorrow is the Xavier game, which I hope will still go as planned, I was supposed to go shopping, and my boyfriend was coming to take me out to dinner. Unfortunately, all of that has been cancelled. It is ridiculous outside. My hatred for the snow will probably be short lived because it's so pretty. I'm looking out my window right now and the snow is piling on the windowsill outside. It looks so picturesque.

The agenda for tonight is to study for biology--- I know I'm a cool kid studying on a Friday night. Sometimes you just have to do it, though.

On a positive note, I was done with class at noon today, so I came up to my dorm and took a wonderful nap AND just watched T.V., which is a rare occasion in college. It was a wonderful afternoon! Well I am going to get to work. Have a safe and warm weekend!