Spring Semester 2012

Hello! Coming back to school this week was a bit of a shock. After having a whole month to just do what I want, it has been a bit of a challenge to come get into the groove of things. I started my semester off with a pretty full schedule. Tuesday I had class from 9-1:15 and 3-4:15, and they were all sciences, so my brain was a little wore out by the end. This semester I am taking comparative anatomy and lab (vertebrates), environmental geology, invertebrate zoology and lab, microbiology, and philosophy of American education. I feel like I am taking a crash semester in all things living! I think I am going to really like my semester, but it will be a true test of time management. Biology classes aren't like most classes because usually your grade is only exams and there are no assignments beyond that, which means you have to make yourself study the material even when you won't be tested on it for over a month. I think this semester will be a good regardless because it is my first semester ever to not have any chemistry!!!! Anyways, today was the biggest game of the basketball season--- Dayton vs. Xavier! The student section (Red Scare) had a rally in front of Frericks before the game, and then they all marched/ ran over to the arena. I was a lame-o and didn't do the march this year, but I am sure I will next year. Anyways, the atmosphere of the game was great! Hopefully you will be hearing from me a lot more this semester than last. Have a great day!