Stander Symposium, etc.

Good evening! I have so much to tell you, and I don't know where to start! I am sure I will forget something, but we'll start with Monday.

Monday was my first day in the lab here, which was nice. In high school I did independent research on Bacillus thuringiensis, so I was not completely unaware of what research is all about, but I am Dr. McEwan's ecology lab here at UD, which is drastically different than a microbiology lab. I am helping a graduate student here at UD with a project concerning the impact of invasive honeysuckle on streams. I am so excited to be in a lab again! I had been so nervous about getting in a lab because I was nervous about the time commitment and I was afraid I wouldn't be good enough to get in, but I just had to meet with Dr. McEwan and he said I can volunteer and see how I like things. So far so good!

Wednesday we had no classes because it was the day for Stander Symposium. Stander Symposium is kind of like a giant science fair except for it covers all areas of study and is much larger. There are three different poster sessions and various panel discussions that are going on throughout the day about subjects all the way from sustainability to ecology to sociology. I went to the second poster session and really enjoyed it. There were so many projects about so many different things, and it is really cool to get out of my science bubble and see the research that other students are doing.

Overall, I had a great week and enjoyed my day of alternative learning in the middle.