Stebbins High School Here I Come!

I was going to do my homework, but I decided to write just one more blog before I go. I officially started my student teaching placement today at Stebbins high school! I am sooooooo very excited to be at Stebbins, and I think I am going to really love it! I went to the open-house last week and met some of the students and the parents, and today I went for the first half of the day. UD is sort of unique in that we start getting immersed in our school placement in the fall before we are fully out in the field next semester. So this fall, I have class at UD for about six weeks and then I spend about six weeks at Stebbins doing some teaching, observing, and tutoring. I really like the way UD structures the semester because the weeks that I am in the field (at Stebbins), I don't have to go to my education classes. The weeks that I have my education classes, I don't have to go to Stebbins.

This fall I am taking my education block, which consists of 90 hours in the field, a critical reading and writing class, and my science methods class. My science methods class is designed to teach me how to teach science. The critical reading and writing class is designed to help all teacher education students teach students to read in their content area, so for me that means the class will help me teach my students better science reading skills. I really like my classes so far and my field placement, so I think it is going to be a busy but fun semester!I am also taking entomology, human anatomy, and genetics of human disease.

Ok, now it is definitely homework time. I will have more stories to share soon!