Strange Neighbor

Hello, there! I have been busy, busy, busy as I am sure you are. I am hoping to catch you up on my escapades of the past few weeks at some point, but tonight is not the night. I am quite tired, so I will just update you on today. First off, I love, love, love my house! My roommates and I are making full use of this house, and we just love it. We have a three bedrooms and two full-baths with a cute little backyard! Anyway, after classes today, my roommates and I went to the grocery store to get supplies to make dinner. We have been cooking and baking out the wazoo since we don't really have homework yet, so one of my roommates made chicken parmesan for dinner and then another roommate made apple-rhubarb crisp for dessert. We have been really enjoying our family dinners especially because we have a nice little patio table in the back! So far we have a pretty good system. We are each making dinner one night per month, so we will have at least one home-cooked meal per week and the cook never has to clean up. It seems pretty fair. Since we have been cooking like mad, I was feeling sluggish, and I wanted to exercise. I contemplated going to the rec, but it was just too nice outside, so my solution was to do a work-out DVD on my laptop in my backyard. Let's just say, my neighbors got a kick out of that. Regardless of the embarrassment, I enjoyed my work-out. Have a great Friday!