Summer 2012

Hello! I have been slacking in my blogs lately, but rest assured because I fully intend to update you on the last few weeks soon...hopefully. For now, I will just tell you about my day.

For this summer, I am going to be working as a Rivers Institute intern and I will be working on a lot of the summer educational programs. I will probably be explaining my job more clearly as I better understand what my job entails. For today, I went into the office and began planning for this Friday's program for about 30 teachers from the Jewish Community Center Preschool. I was working with the other interns and the graduate assistant and we brainstormed some activities that we could do with the teachers to help them invoke their child-like side and be immersed in an experiential learning program. We are hoping to inspire the teachers to develop their own experiential programs about water and nature for their students to hopefully foster every child's curiosity and affinity for nature. As a future teacher, I loved thinking about ideas and activities that we could do to engage the teachers.

After a short planning meeting, the other interns and I scrambled off to Riverscape Metropark in downtown Dayton to do a quick talk to a group of UD students (not part of the Rivers Institute) about the River Stewards program and the assets of Dayton. After the talk, we wondered along the bike path next to the river for a bit. Today was a ridiculously beautiful day!

We got back to campus and were done with RI work for the day, so I went up to my summer home in Marycrest (a dorm) and relaxed for a bit. After a nice break, I went to the Science Center to work on my research project for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight I had an intense craving for Chipotle, so my friend and I walked to Brown Street, got Chipotle, and ate at the picnic tables outside the library. We were chatting and discovered that we both had the goal of going inside every building on campus, so we explored a few buildings (cough cough the law building cough cough). We both had always wanted to venture in the law building, so we followed someone in and stood there in awe! It's a really neat building, but it is a key-card access only place, so we were in forbidden territory-- don't tell anyone. After our adventure, we sat out on Kennedy Union field in front of Marycrest and played Boggle until the sun went down.

Sorry for the long, detailed description of my day, but I think it is important to hear exactly what a day in the life of summer at UD is really like. To sum it up, I absolutely love my life here!