Summer is in Full Swing

Hello! I am almost done with my summer class, so my summer is about to fully begin! Tommorrow is my final for my organic chem. class that I have been taking at Sinclair since March. I am so excited to be done!

This week I have been able start enjoying the summer a little more. We had so much rain for so long that it almost didn't seem like it was ever going to be summer, but now summer is in full swing. Today it was in the 90's! It was ridiculous! Of course I spent this wonderful heat trimming bushes at work at 3:00 in the afternoon, but I just tried to view it as an adventure. I thought that every hour I survived in the heat was another level achieved! I know it seems goofy, but I was getting desperate to find things to distract myself from the heat.

The other summer indicator is strawberries! I went strawberry picking yesterday, and they were beautiful! I have been strawberry picking every year with my grandma for as long I can remember. There is something special about eaching strawberries that you picked specifically.

As you can probably gather, my life is really not all that exciting. I have been working about four days a week, go to Sinclair two days a week, and spend one day tring to get caught up on everything. When I am not busy I have been catching up with my friends from high school. My friends and I are actually hoping to start a Bible Study, so we will see eachother fairly regularly.

Well, that is pretty much my life for now. I better get going so I can study for my final! Have a great night!