Summer Programming

Hello! As you know, I work for the Rivers Institute this summer as an intern. My primary job is to prepare and run our many summer programs. Lately we have been in full on program mode. After my vacation, I had to hurry back to work that Sunday to prepare programs for Monday and Tuesday! So last week we did two programs with Adventure Central and one with a YMCA boys camp. This week we had to work the Alumni picnic on Sunday, which was a lot of fun, and we have two Adventure Central groups again. We also have a three-week program starting up with Marianist high schools in Peru and Argentina. Lastly, we are doing a river clean up on Friday.

In other words, we have hit the busy season! We are super busy, but I am still loving every bit of this job. It is extremely rewarding to inspire people to explore nature and fall in love with Dayton. Lately we have been working with kids a lot, so I really hope that some of these kids will end up being future River Stewards. Anyways, in case you are wondering what Adventure Central is, it is a summer day camp for kids ages 5-13. All of the kids get to come to camp for free and the goal is to help kids connect with nature. AC is an awesome place, and the kids there are sooo blessed to have the opportunity to be there. The AC staff is so friendly and supportive, and they have an extremely nice facility. All of the kids get free meals throughout the day, as well. The camp is technically part of Wesleyan Metropark, so they have Wolf Creek on their property.

Today we took the kids down to the creek to kayak and sample the water for macroinvertebrates. All of the kids had a great time, and they learned a lot! Tomorrow is our last day at AC, so I hope it is a good one! Have a great night!