Thanksgiving Travels

Greetings! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! I really enjoyed my break!

On Wednesday, my brother and I went horse-back riding, which ended up not being as much fun as I anticipated. I usually love riding horses, but this horse had it in for me. My horse kept brushing up against trees, so my leg would be squashed between her and the tree. Then, after she crushed my leg she would go through every possible thorn bush, so my legs were in complete pain. As if the leg pain wasn’t enough, she would then go beneath low branches to ensure that my face was hurt. Moral of the story, this horse did not want me on her. My brother had a great time and that was all that really mattered, though.

Thursday my family and I packed up the car and headed to North Carolina. My sister lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina, so we thought we would invade her world for a long weekend. Pinehurst has about a million golf courses, so one morning we went to the driving range. Then we spent the rest of the days just shopping around. We didn’t have a whole lot to do, but that is the best way to spend a break. We actually spent a lot of our time just watching the show, The Wonder Years—it’s a good old show.

After a long drive home, it is time to finish up the semester and celebrate Christmas! My house is all decked out in Christmas cheer already, and I love it! My wonderful roommate made a beautiful wreath for the front door and put up a Christmas tree! It’s beautiful!

Welp, enjoy the snow! 25 days until Christmas!