Thurgood Marshall High School

Hi, there! This semester I am taking two teaching classes, Teaching and Learning and Educating Diverse Student Populations. I always really enjoy teaching classes, but this year has been exceptionally good. In my Teaching and Learning class, we have been learning to teach and write assessments, and in my diverse class we are learning about all the various issues that students bring to the classroom such as emotional disturbance, disabilities, etc.

Anyways, education classes always require time in the classroom, so this semester I was assigned to a Dayton Public School, Thurgood Marshall High School. I was really nervous with this placement because I had always heard that inner city schools are horrible and whatnot, but I tried to keep an open-mind and make the most of it. Well, it turns out that I love it! I go to the school twice a week, and I look forward to it every time. I really like my cooperating teacher and the kids are great! I find it to be really inspiring because many times these kids come to class with a laundry list of life issues, but they manage to sit in class and work on chemistry when you know they really have more important things to worry about. I love it so much!

Have a great night!