To Go or Not to Go?

"I am sitting here pondering whether to go to the basketball game tonight or not. I want to go because this is the last game I can go to, but I also would like to get caught up on homework. I am always so behind, and it would be nice to finally catch up. I just can't make up my mind to save my life.

So my new goal is to always eat healthy or go to the rec. I am quite pleased with how well I've been doing. I have been eating salad upon salad upon salad, but I've been really enjoying it. There are several salad bars on campus and they are all wonderful. I've been trying new dressing everyday and adding new stuff to my salad everyday, so it doesn't get boring. You always hear of the ""freshman 15"", but you are not doomed to gain 15 pounds. We have so many healthy options that there is no real excuse tfor gaining the freshman 15. There are also a variety of soups offered everyday, which always goes well with a nice salad. Oh and I can't forget the fruit bar in Virginia Kettering dining hall!There is a marvelous fruit bar, and I always end up getting a pound of fruit at a time. It is seriously the best thing on campus. Anyways that's enough about food.

I hope you all are enjoying your day! "