UD is the Place to Be!

Hello! I tell you what, today is a great day to be a Dayton Flyer! If you haven't heard, President Obama and the British Prime Minister are currently at the UD Arena watching the first tournament of the NCAA! I do not believe Obama came to campus, but maybe he did in secret. Anyways, whether you are an Obama fan or not, it is quite an honor to have the President on our turf. Another reason I am proud to be a flyer is because on nice days like today, this campus is bustling with life! I love those first days when the weather gets nice because literally everybody is out and about playing Frisbee, baseball, lacrosse, four square, etc. My personal favorite is when people play an instrument; today I was riding my bike home from class and I heard someone playing the saxophone! I don't know why, but it always makes my day to hear somebody playing an instrument. On a whole different note...Last night I was up late studying and I happened upon the largest centipede I had ever seen in my life in our kitchen! I was about to head upstairs to just study a little more before peacefully going to sleep when this terrorist of a bug went sprinting across the kitchen counter! I completely freaked out because I had never seen anything like it. One of my housemates was still up so she came out to see what was wrong and she panicked, too! We both were completely losing it and at a loss as to what to do because it was the fastest, largest bug I had ever seen,and we accidentally woke up another housemate. She came out and tried to kill it with a flip-flop and knocked over everything on the kitchen counter in the process. Eventually she used the sink sprayer on it until it went down the drain and I poured bleach on it. So much for peacefully going to sleep! I swore there were bugs all over me all night! I am not afraid of bugs but that things was a monster! Be sure to watch the Flyers tonight!