Good evening! I have not been very good at keeping my blogs up to date because my Internet has been quite spotty lately. I have much to update about, though! Last week I went on vacation, and we pretty much made the rounds in the Carolinas. The first day we drove down to North Carolina and stayed in Pinehurst. Pinehurst is a really neat town because it was created for golf and is entirely golf-based, so if you love to golf-- go to Pinehurst! On the second day, we drove a few hours to Myrtle Beach. We stayed there for about four days, and had a fantastic time! We had excellent weather the whole time, but the water was quite rough. The rip tide was so ridiculous that you could hardly stand up. My mom was actually sucked out in a rip tide, which was funny and scary at the same time. It was funny because she is petrified of the ocean and the one time she went out, she was sucked out to sea, but it was scary because that was obviously dangerous. She was floating on a boogie board, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but my dad was a hero and swam her into shore. What vacation is complete without some drama! After Myrtle Beach, we drove to Isle of the Palms to visit family. I had never been to Isle of the Palms before, but it was awesome! I am such a little nerd because I spent most of my time looking at all the wildlife they have! I was only there a day and a half, but we saw lots of dolphins, found two live conches, and found a live star fish! The beach is very protected, so they actually had sea turtle eggs buried in the dunes, as well! Despite all of the fantastic wildlife, the best part of the vacation was just the family time. I got to spend so much with everybody, and I loved it! Have a great night!