Vandana Shiva

Hello, again! I wanted to share with you a little bit about a talk I went to last night given by Dr. Vandana Shiva.

Dr. Shiva is a physicist and a philosopher with world-wide recognition as an advocate for food and traditional farming practices. She was invited to speak here as part of this year’s Speaker Series, which is themed “Building Movements for Social Justice.”

Anyways, I absolutely loved her speech! I am very passionate about ecology, social justice, and freedom, and she is an advocate for all of these issues! Shiva’s speech was titled “The Future of Food.” She basically tore apart all of the problems with the current food and agriculture system today. I don’t want to be too political, but she made some really strong points that really resonated with me. First off, she describes seeds as having two truths: to multiply and to share. Unfortunately there are many companies that produce genetically engineered seeds and feel that it is ethical for them to patent their seed and only allow farmers to buy it from them, which makes it illegal for farmers to keep seeds from their crops. There is a lot more this situation than just that, but in short, these companies feel they are entitled to royalties for seeds, which is basically destroying the truths of the seed and many small farms.

Shiva talked about many, many issues that were mind-boggling, but the overall message I received from her was to stand up for my food rights and to be an informed consumer. I highly recommend looking her up and reading some of her stuff. Have a great night!