Water-Less Weekend

Hello, there! I hope everybody had a great long weekend! My weekend was really good, but I was definitely ready to come back to UD.

I got home late Friday afternoon and went my high school’s football game that night. I really hate being a super senior (the person that just can’t stay away from high school after graduating) but my boyfriend’s brother plays football, so I have an excuse to go to the games. I always enjoy going because I get to see a few people that I haven’t seen for awhile.

I spent the rest of the weekend working at the caverns. They are really understaffed this fall, so they needed some help this weekend. I really enjoyed getting to see everybody at work, again. I also enjoyed the tourists, as well. I took a tour of bikers, and they were a hoot! They were making all kinds of ridiculous jokes and comments. Strangely enough, the biker women are always the most scared of bats. There was a lady on this tour who had her head shoved up the back of her husband’s shirt because she was so scared of the bats. All in all, I still love my job.

Finally, I finished off my weekend with a cook-out at my grandma’s. I am so blessed to have such a great family!

So while my whole weekend sounded peachy-keen, there was one slight on-going fiasco--- I had no water at my house. We have well-water at my house and for some reason, the well decided to kick the bucket this weekend. I had to get quite creative when getting ready for work. One day I actually brushed my teeth outside because the outside faucet had some water left in it. Don’t worry, I did manage to get showers else-where all weekend, but it was a challenge.

Welp, I am glad to be back at UD with my nice shower and running water. Have a great day!