Today was the Xavier game and we destroyed them! It was awesome! The Flyers played sooooo well!

Starting from the very beginning, this morning we had breakfast then headed out to ""march"" to the arena. The marching was more like running and sloshing through the slush and snow. We rallied a bit then started our trek to the UD arena. It was so much fun because cars were honking and everybody was cheering as we went. People went all out: we had shirtless people, people rowing a dinghy down the river, painted people, etc. It was a very spirited and daring crowd. I am sure we did a lot of illegal street crossing, but I think the occasion made it excusable.

Once we got there, there were white shirts to wear for the first half of the game and the second half we wore red. We also held up crazy colored paper to distract people shooting foul shots. I think it worked. The energy was great; everybody was screaming and cheering! That game was definitely a can't-miss event.

So despite the fact that the snow changed my weekend plans, I am not complaining anymore because this weekend has ended up really good. Everybody has stayed in and we've just done girl stuff. Tonight we're going to play Scrabble and Apples to Apples. I love board games.

I also forgive the snow for ruining my weekend because it is absolutely beautiful. I've been taking pictures of campus throughout the day. Living in Stuart gives me the most amazing view of campus. Have a great night! "