We got our house!

Hello! Yesterday my roommates and I got approved for our house for next year! We applied to stay in the same house, and sadly it is our last time to ever apply for UD housing.... Anyways, last year was quite the fiasco getting our house for this year (junior year)and unfortunately, this year did not go as smooth as we hoped. Last year my roommates and I applied for special interest housing, which is typically used for sororities, fraternities, clubs, and whatnot, but we were applying just to get an honors house. The fiasco was primarily our fault last year because we thought that honors housing was the same for junior year as it was freshman and sophomore year, which basically meant you and your roommates were all honors students. Special interest housing expected you to set up standards, rules, and goals for your house and have a house adviser. Initially we submitted our application without filling out all of the essays because we thought they only applied to the people applying for Greek or group houses, so we were rejected. We all panicked and wrote housing that we just misunderstood, and they were gracious enough to let us try again. So for this year (junior year), we established house goals of completing one service project a month, hosting a "family dinner" every week, and hosting study sessions at our house as needed. We have been fulfilling all of our goals and all was going well, so we submitted our application with a few minor revisions again this year for next year's housing (senior year). We thought we had our house no problem, but then we were told that our service events needed to be detailed with dates. We went through and planned out the dates of the specific events that we knew had dates and sent it back. We again, were told that we needed to be even more specific, so we made a thorough and complete calendar of all our events for next year, and we were accepted! The whole process was a little frustrating, but I understand that the housing committee just wants to make sure that we are actually going to do the things that we committed to doing. Special interest housing is stressful, but it also makes the whole housing process kind of unique here at Dayton. For example, we have several houses here on campus devoted to sustainable living, so they have a garden, rain barrels, a compost bin, and host sustainable events. I think the concept is pretty cool, and every year the number of special interest houses increases. Welp, have a great night!