R.I.P. Mr. Fish

Today our family pet, Mr. Fish died. My immediate roommate got this beta fish two summers ago, and he became our family pet. Last year, another roommate decided she also wanted a beta fish, so we had two separate tanks for the two beta fish on our mantle. As college students, these poor fish have experienced many moves. The most recent addition to our family died this summer when moving back from Louisville where my roommate works for GE. The original beta fish was still going strong until tonight. We were all just hanging out in the living room, and I looked over at the fish who was sadly belly up. He is now on his way to the waste water treatment plant.

            On another note, I had a senior project meeting tonight for River Stewards where we laid out the rest of the year’s plans. We have been working on a Take Back the Tap campaign as our senior project, and we kicked it off by partnering with the city of Dayton’s water department to give all of the freshman reusable water bottles. Our goal is to convert people from drinking bottled water to tap water because it is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, often times healthier, and displays the high quality drinking water in Dayton. We have some good ideas in the works for the rest of the year to hopefully round out our project.


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