Happy Sunday! Yesterday was the river stewards' first day for RiverMobile training! The RiverMobile is a mobile learning center that teaches people of all ages about Dayton's watershed, which is a region of land where all of the water drains to one place. In the Miami Valley watershed, all of our water drains into the Great Miami River. Anyways, we had the opportunity to learn how to set up the RvierMobile and a quick run-through of the content that will be discussed in the mobile learning center. I absolutely love this project because it has been a dream of the Rivers Institute since the organization's founding not too long ago. I have been lucky enough to be around when it has actually become a reality. This past summer I interned for the Rivers Institute and had the opportunity to sit in on the meetings where the RiverMobile was being designed. I had the opportunity to share my own ideas and be a part of this project, which is phenomenal. The Rivers Institute is the place to be on this campus! There are so many incredible opportunities to be had as an undergraduate! Here is a video sharing more about the project. Enjoy!


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