See You Later

After the graduation ceremony and lunch with my family, I went back to 611 Irving Avenue, to pack up and move out. Since I stayed on campus to work for the Rivers Institute last summer, I have lived on campus since the fall of 2011. I lived at 611 for my junior year, lived at Marycrest for two months last summer, and then I moved into 611 in July of last summer. I really felt that 611 was my home. It was extremely hard to even begin the move-out process. Thankfully, my parents, my brother, and my fiance were all there to do much of the work for me. I sadly took down my Norman Rockwell postcards on my wall. I took down the pictures of my family and my cat. I took down the calendar pictures that I used to decorate the white walls that I have called home for two years. I sadly packed up my desk drawers full of cards from my friends and family that I kept all through college. I folded the quilt my grandma made for me when I graduated high school, which has adorned my twin bed (that I will not miss). Before I knew it, my upstairs haven had become an empty room with bins and bags on the floor. Once my parents had filled their car, they headed home and left me to do the last bit of packing. I took forever to finish packing up my remaining things because I knew that every drawer I emptied, I became one step closer to leaving my home. By about 7:00 Sunday night, I had finally finished packing up. I laid down on my floor and just looked around the room. I reflected on all of the laughs my roommate, Emily, and I had shared in our upstairs room. I thought of all the nights we would go to bed early only to find ourselves cackling over the stupidest things until the wee hours of the morning. I thought of all the messes we had made in our room during those weeks of absolute over-load in work. My roommate and I loved our little upstairs escape because we felt like a bunch of kids with our own secret playhouse. The house we lived in had two bedrooms downstairs, where Madalyn and Becky had their own rooms, and Emily and I shared the whole upstairs. We had our own bathroom and huge closet just for us. We have heard that we had the nicest house on campus, but I have not seen every single house to say this is true. We did have a wonderful house, but I think the house is only as nice as the people in it. Yes, we had a huge porch and a back yard, but those are all good for nothing if there aren't great people to share them with.

By the time I had finished packing, it was only Madalyn and I left at the house. Emily had graduated in December and Becky had left earlier that afternoon. Mad and I were both struggling to leave our beloved house, so we decided to go for a walk and see some of our friends. We sat on our friends' porch for a little while before finally taking our last stroll through the student neighborhood. We walked up Kiefaber, through Artstreet, past the Recplex, and around Trinity for the last time. For the rest of the evening, Madalyn sat eating sushi from Fusian and I ate the left over pizza from Milano's in our bare living room. We talked about all sorts of things, cried some more, and finally felt ready to move on. I have taken a liking to saying "see you later" rather than goodbye because I hope to see all of my UD family again. After I closed the door to 611 Irving for the last time, I stopped at the College Park Center to drop off my key, where I filled out my "student" address and "student" ID for the last time and drove away from UD.


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