Teaching Physical Science

This week is my last day at Stebbins for my methods portion of the semester. Yesterday I didn't’t have to go to school because the teachers had in-service meetings all day. Boy was I thrilled to sleep in! I love going to school and teaching, but I am yet to love getting up at 6:00AM. Anyways, today was my first day to teach physical science, which is chemistry at this point in the year. Today I taught the students how to name ionic and covalent compounds. I think it was the most nervous I have ever been for some reason. If you have been reading my blogs over the years, you are well aware of my relationship with chemistry, which is BAD. I have taught a little bit of chemistry before but nothing too challenging. Naming is definitely not easy, and I myself still struggle with it, so I was feeling not too confident today. Fortunately, the students seemed to get the hang of it! Today has definitely made me realize how much I need to brush up on content before next semester. Next semester I will be slowly taking on all classes, which means lots of physical science classes.

            I am excited to student teach, but it is also nerve-wracking at the same time because it is the craziest juggling act ever! I have always wanted to be a teacher, and grew up playing school in my basement, but this is nothing like playing school in my basement. It is so hard to juggle classroom management, content, differentiating instruction, planning, grading, and paperwork in general! I have a completely new perspective of teachers! I hope it is easier when I am just focused on teaching and not doubling as a student teacher and student on campus. 


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