The Last Week with My Roommate

So as I said in my last blog, I was upset with the anatomy final, so I came home and grieved in my bed while watching TLC. After a few episodes of "What Not to Wear," it suddenly dawned on me that I had just finished my biology degree! I had been so focused on studying and getting things done that I had completely forgotten that my anatomy final was my last biology exam as an undergraduate! I still can't believe that I finished my biology degree, and all I have left is student teaching! It makes me sort of sad because as I said in my other blog, I feel so connected to so many faculty and students in the biology department here, but I am also excited to know that I accomplished something that four years ago seemed so daunting. I also have realized that I will never be a stranger to UD, and I can always come back as an alumni. Soon I will be able to enjoy most of the perks of UD without having all of the stress of classes and tests associated.

As I was saying, Thursday was my last exam, which meant that I technically had to leave campus 24 hours after my last exam. Well I didn't quite follow that rule because my roommate was graduating on Saturday. Thursday after I was done pouting about my exam, I headed out to get my roommate a graduation present and do some Christmas shopping. UD is wonderfully located close to the Dayton Mall, The Fairfield Mall, and The Greene (an outdoor mall), so if you have a shopping problem, be warned! Anyways, I went to Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, the Fairfield Mall, and Walmart in search of the perfect gifts for everybody. I ended up getting my roommate Where the Sidewalk Ends as a graduation present because we talked about how much we loved those poems as kids while taking one of our beloved walks. I also thought the title was suiting for the occasion, so I wrote her a message saying how her sidewalk at UD has ended, but a new sidewalk is being built to Saint Louis University for graduate school. I also wrote about how the sidewalk between us will never end because we have three years of stories, laughs, and memories as the foundation. I also went through and added little comments to some of the pictures and poems. I know, I know, I am a bit cheesey.

After I shopped all over the place, I came home to my roommate making her last family dinner. She made chicken tacos and guacamole, which is sort of the house fave. After dinner we did our family Christmas. I got a daily calendar of funny answers students put on tests, a bracelet, and a picture frame. I always love our family Christmas!

Friday my roommates and I spent all day packing, cleaning and preparing to leave for Christmas break. We went out to dinner at the Dublin Pub and spent the rest of the night hanging out. On Saturday, my roommate graduated and had a little get together at a restaurant called Chappy's. We spent the rest of Saturday packing up and heading out.

I tried really hard not to be emotional about my roommate graduating and leaving, but it was super hard. She left early Saturday morning for the ceremony, so I gave her a hug and as soon as the door shut behind her I just cried and cried. I went upstairs to finish getting ready and pretty much sobbed the whole time because she has been practically my sister since we were neighbors in Stuart! I was standing there doing my hair remembering all of the late night talks we had and all of the good days and bad days we have shared. I am extremely lucky to have had the same roommate for three of the four years at school. I think it is going to be really hard going back to school and seeing her bed without her pile of pillows and blankets. I will miss her Vera Bradley explosion all over our room. I will miss seeing her smiling face when I come back from class and saying goodnight to her every night. Thankfully, she plans to come visit, and we will for sure stay friends for many years to come.


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