Victory is ours!!!!! I think I have written a blog every year after the UD vs. Xavier game, so I am not about to break the tradition now. Yesterday UD's men's basketball team successfully took down Xavier. Our basketball team has been struggling a little bit this year, so we were all a bit nervous about this game. As you probably already know, Xavier is our school rival, so this game was a big deal. I have sadly not made it to a single game yet this year because I have always had something else going on. This weekend I actually have been at my parent's house since I had a long weekend. I was determined to get to this game, so I drove from my parent's house to school yesterday morning. I was running late and it has been snowing all weekend, so I was worried I was going to miss the first part of the game. I was 30 minutes from school when I realized that I had left my student ID at home. I was super stressed that I was going to get all the way to the game and find out that I couldn't get in. I called my roommate and had her print off my school schedule, so I could prove that I was a student. I pulled into our driveway, ran in the house, changed my clothes, and we ran to catch the bus to the arena. We got to the bus just as it was pulling up. We got to the game, and the nice man at the door let me in without my ID. We had only missed a few minutes of the game, so all was well.

We had awesome seats right behind the basket in about the 8th row back, so it was game time! I am not usually a crazy fan or one to go crazy, but after a stressful week, I was ready to just scream and jump around like a maniac. We had an awesome time at the game that ended in a victory! I really hope to go to the last few games of the season because it was a lot of fun. Our student section is pretty creative, so we had all sorts of goofy cheers and distractions planned for the game. One of my favorite things yesterday was this guy who hung a Dayton flag from a crutch. He kept waving the crutch around, and it just cracked me up. People also wear costumes and things, so we had the classic Wright brothers and Captain America. It was definitely a fun afternoon. Go Flyers!


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