Weekend with the "Fam" II

I started writing about my river steward family in my last blog and it ended up being too long, so I decided to make it a separate blog. I could probably write pages and pages about how much I love my steward family. Saturday night we had a dinner and reflection at Leslie King’s house. Leslie is the coordinator of the steward’s program, and we all absolutely love her! Anyways, she invited us all over and made manicotti, salad, and yummy munchies for dinner. The food was great, but the company was incredible.

            The stewards program is extremely active sophomore and junior year, and then senior year you only are involved to the degree you choose to be. Sophomore and junior year we have our mini course every Friday, so we see each other every week. Senior year we work on our senior project, do some service, and attend occasional mini courses. Unfortunately senior year is a busy time for everybody as they plan for post-graduation so there is limited time to get together. So Saturday night was the first time we had all been together since orientation in August, so there was a lot of catching up to do. We all swapped tails of our post-graduation plans and our group is going to be spread all over the world after graduation! We have stewards going to Europe, Africa, South America, and various portions of the U. S. There are also stewards that hope to stay in the area, such as myself.

            After dinner we did a reflection activity called let it go, let it grow, and let it flow. Leslie had us all write or draw something from the program that we want to let go of, and then we threw it in a fire. We also wrote something that we wanted to see grow in the program and buried it with a tulip bulb in her garden. The last one is something from the program that we want to keep flowing through us as we go off into the world. Just writing about this experience makes me almost cry. I am going to seriously miss this program and these people.

            Anyways, after the reflection we all sat around talking and laughing until almost midnight. I finally left and drove back to my parents’ house for the rest of the family affairs.  


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