Christmas Break!


| Catholic

Glory to God on the highest and peace to His people of good will!

A Very Merry (Italian) Christmas Break


| Campus and Community

The time is finally here – the long awaited Christmas break! Doesn’t it feel like just a week ago we began the semester? It’s pretty crazy how time flies!

When at first you don’t succeed, try try again!


| Education

 Sometimes it takes experimenting with different ideas in order to figure out where we are meant to be...

4 Reasons Why I Love McGinnis Center Mass


| Campus and Community

In the midst of finals, exams, and a whole lot less sleep than the average person requires, it’s difficult to be where your feet are and remember how #blessed we are to attend UD.

Deadlines are stressful. Exams are stressful. That last week may feel like a final lap of a marathon that has been this semester. One thing was really brings me back to the big picture is McGinnis Mass. Located in the South Student Neighborhood, it is mass held every Sunday at 9pm in the McGinnis Center. It is by far my favorite mass the University of Dayton offers for so many reasons. 

T'was the Week Before Finals


| Education

Because what is better than procrastinating studying for finals, right? I thought this would be very insightful to what all of the students here on ca...

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...on Campus!


| Campus and Community

Holiday music, twinkling lights, KU Dining Hall decorated for the season, and a giant tree set up in Humanities Plaza— it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at UD.  

Winter Wonderland


| Campus and Community

We just had our Thanksgiving break this past week and many of us left to visit friends and family. To our surprise, we came back and the campus had al...

Finals Week


| Students

Brace yourselves.....finals are coming.

A Finals Week Survival Guide


| Campus and Community

Call me strange, but I love finals week for a lot of reasons. For starters: finals week is this weird time where there is absolutely no set schedule of classes and generally no extracurricular meetings. Hence, your job is to simply study. It may be stressful, but at the same time it’s pretty liberating. 

The First Snow


| Campus and Community

When falling leaves turn into falling snow, newfound wonder takes hold.

Weekly Escape


| Catholic

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I've gone to catholic school my entire life. Because of this, mass was always a part of the Catholic cirriculum. ...

Gobble Gobble


| Culture and Society

There was definitely a lot to be thankful for...

Flyer Faithful


| Current Events

All Flyer fans caught themselves watching basketball on Thanksgiving. The men’s basketball team took on Iowa on Thanksgiving Day and at my famil...

The Holiday Spirit


October 18, 2015. This was the day that my friends and I decided to put up the mini-Christmas tree in my room. Because of this, the holiday spirit cam...

Be Still & Give Thanks


| Campus and Community

Where did this semester go? This is the constant question circulating in my head. I must have blinked, because I thought it was just last week that I moved into my home at 229 Lowes and began my senior year. How did it get to be the end of November?