15-month-long Independent Study Approaching End

My independent fifteen-month-long study is approaching its final days. The due date for my honors thesis is April 10th. I just submitted it to my advisor, who has tirelessly worked with me in this long and reward process of research, for review. Next week we will be meeting to discuss his recommendations. Most likely, I will make some final changes - hoping to feel somewhat comfortable with the end result. My dad has volunteered to read it, the seventy pages of it, and send it back to me after he has proof read it. Then, it will be off to the honors department. Believe it or not, I have dedicated fifteen months of my life to this study and it has become such a great part of my life, that I really don't know what I am going to do with my time after it is done. On a second thought, there is so much I can do! And, it is beautiful that I have had the chance of truly learning the academic way of research and now can use it for whatever other project I would like to get involved in.