A beautiful Sunday

UD campus looks beautiful in every season, but especially when the weather is nice and sunny. Today is one of those days, and although it is a Sunday, my roommate and I woke up and went to our early weekly belly dancing class.

The dance class consists of approximately 10-13 girls, with one instructor who is really nice. Today we reviewed some of the movements from the last class and learned some cool new ones. I also went to a service meeting, in which we talked about our future service projects: selling T-shirts for the club, nursing home, orphanage, teaching little kids English and many others. We are also planning a social event for our club and an upcoming district event.

Now, I am back at my room and continuing my studies and homework for accounting, reading philosophy and writing an essay, reading for my Legal Environment of Business and probably running some errands. I will probably have an online chat with my family in a little bit and see how everyone across the ocean is doing.