A Day-trip with the Internationals

The International Club is only one of many extracurricular activities that UD students can join. As many other clubs, it organizes different trips, socials and activities for American and international students. Yesterday, we went to the new Premium Outlet Mall in Cincinnati and to the Asian Supermarket in down-town Cincinnati. The club rent a huge van, fitting 10 students, and even though the weather was not on our side and most of the time it rained heavily, we still had a good time.

Our first stop was at the Premium Outlet Mall, where we spent most of the time basically buying stuff. I expected it to be a little bit different from the usual malls, in terms of the clothes collection they have, but most of the stores carried similar collection as in any other regular malls.

After grabbing a quick lunch around 3 o'clock, we continued to the Asian Supermarket. The Asian Supermarket was interesting, but I couldn't buy anything else other than snacks; I still live in a dorm and don't have a kitchen to cook. Still, I am very happy that we went to this supermarket because I bought the Lychee Ball Jasmine White Tea, a flower ball that after you put it in boiled water blooms. I had seen it in a movie, that I can not recall momentarily, and since then I had always wanted to find it. As I am writing these lines, I am drinking the tea, and the flower ball has bloomed, so my tea pot now has a pretty-pink flower in it. The taste of it is rare and unusual, unlike any tea back home, so it may take me a while to get used to it. Though, whenever I take a sip I can smell the Jasmine and the taste doesn't matter anymore.

After our Asian friends filled their bags with food originating from home, we set back to Dayton. The rain followed us from Cincinnati all the way to UD, but we had a comfortable and enjoyable rainy-ride from one of our fellow international students.