A Green Campus

" For the returning and incoming students, UD had a surprise this year; it is going green. The importance of a green environment prevailed in many, not to say, in majority of the classes last year, in extra curricular activities, and also in the stories of many speakers that were brought to campus. This year, though, UD is taking yet a more aggressive approach helping the campus stay green.

One of the things that happened this year on campus was the demolition of the Mechanical Engineering Building. The lot it was built on is soon-to-be taken by a green space and a small amphitheater, that is going to connect the campus mall with the Marycrest dorm hall greater.

Another important change on campus is that the dining services, KU and Marycrest, have taken an initiative to now ""serve the environment too."" All the carry-out, Styrofoam boxes and cups are replaced with new disposables, more environmental friendly. If you decide to take the food with you, you will be charged an extra $0.25 for the disposables. I do think that is going to contribute to the awareness of the students of the real importance of the environment, and we should all make small sacrifices and dedicate some of our time and money to preserving the space we live in.

Sometimes sitting at the dining area and eating for a half an hour is too time consuming, especially for some of us who eat while running from class to class or in the class. Whatever the case, realizing the pace of life, we should be careful not to forget about the importance of our surroundings, even when we are caught up in our daily chores.

This summer, I went back home for three and a half months, and one of the things that struck me was the unbalanced distribution of buildings, asphalt pavement with trees and green spaces, which is all due to the rapid construction period which my country is currently going through. This is unfortunate, but people have started to become more conscious and are taking initiatives to clean certain parts of the city and plant trees. We only hope that the government will begin controlling the air and enforce certain laws regarding pollution

While being very unhappy with this imbalance of construction and nature back home, though hoping for a change in the near future. I was certainly very happy to see all the changes that UD is undertaking to help preserve our beautiful Earth.