A short get-together with one of my 'American Mommies'

"This afternoon I went to a high school football game with one of my ""American Mommies"". The story behind my ""American Mommies"" is that they were one of my real mom's best friends when we came to Centerville, Dayton, OH in 1999 during the war in Kosovo. When I returned to Dayton after ten years, all of my mom's friends became my friends but they still call themselves my ""American Mommies.""

Today I went out with Melissa and her family to watch a high school football game, the rules of which although were far away to me two years ago, I feel like I have mastered now. After going to the Ohio State game and watching it many times on TV with my host parents and sometimes a couple of minutes of it at UD, I had to.

Now, now I am back in my room, caught up with my parents a little bit through the miraculous Skype. It gets really hard to talk during the week because of the six hour time difference, so we e-mail most of the time.

I have a Macro Economics test on Wednesday, so I will probably be studying for it in a little bit. I will also read Jane Addams' Twenty Years at Hull - House for my Philosophy seminar. If you've read my previous blogs, and in case you have not realized it, I really do enjoy my Philosophy seminar, in general I admire the Berry Scholars Seminars. The Seminars are a collection of core Social Sciences such as English, Religion, History, Philosophy and next semester I will be taking Sociology.

Sundays are usually the relaxing, getting together with friends for the afternoon, catching up or working ahead days of the week.