A stop at the hairdresser

One of the best aspects of living in a busy city like Prishtina is that it has many beauty saloons and numerous hairdressers. Although at times it is good to make an appointment, usually you can wait for a while and they will take you in, depending on what you need to do. I decided to get a hair-cut and did not make an appointment, so I just went to the usual hairdresser that I like and they took me in right away. I'm a business person and know how important appointments are to a hairdresser. But, as a consumer I am very spontaneous and love to not have to plan every single thing about my life - especially when I am still young. This is the best thing about life in my city Prishtina - it allows you to be spontaneous! And, I really enjoy the break from my very planned life when I am at school in the U.S. By the time my very spontaneous life gets too much and I long for it to be planned, I return to school. I love this mix and match during the year.