A sunny stroll

Today I went on a short stroll around campus with Danica, my housemate, and Tyler, my neighbor. The three of us have been friends since freshman year, as we all lived in Marycrest together. So, fortunately we spend this last semester, for the two of them, together! And, lived so close. Each of us had to run a couple of errands around campus, so we went together. First Danica had to check her grade for a class in Miriam, so we stopped there first. Then, we went to Kennedy Union for me to print something out. And, finally we stopped at the excellent Emporium to grab a pizza for lunch. On our way back, Tyler stopped at a friends and Danica and I came home. It was great, as on our way we saw so many friends and stopped all around to chat. Ahh... the usual friendly UD!