A walk around my Prishtina

I decided to go on a short stroll - what ended up being six hours- around my city Prishtina. After returning to my home country, Kosova, for the summer it's always fun to see what has changed around the city. In addition to a couple of errands that I had to do, visit my uncle's company to pick something up, drop some stuff at a store, I also stopped by at my dad's work. We went to lunch together afterwards at a great cafe, which is located next to his news agency. This cafe has a great spot, is next to the new governmental building - which used to be the former building of the Albanian newspaper Rilindja a decade ago. It's located in the heart of the city and oversees a beautiful green space surrounding the governmental building. It is always great to just sit there, because you are able to rest your eyes and relax, while still listening to the livelihood of the capital. My family often goes there together. At times we meet my dad there for coffee in mid-day. It is a great spot for all ages. And, we really enjoy it.