Author of "21" & "The Social Network" Comes to UD

How about that? Isn't this awesome? That I get to go to a school that brings famous authors to speak to its students... You can too! Check this out: Yes. Ben Mezrich, author of "21" and "The Social Network" came to UD yesterday to speak about his writing, how he came about to meet the MIT students who won big at Las Vegas and how he got the inside story of how Facebook was created. He was won of the keynote speakers at UD's renown R.I.S.E (Redefining Investment Strategy Education) conference that began yesterday and will go until tomorrow. His speech took place at the UD Arena and marked the end of the first day of R.I.S.E. Following that there was a free dinner, sponsored by one of the companies. Following his speech, attendees from all around the country, and even the world, were able to ask him questions - and even invite him to sit with them for dinner. If you are around visiting our beautiful campus tomorrow, pay attention to all the dressed up people walking around attending the events.