Back to MUN (Model United Nations)

Last evening I went to a Model United Nations (MUN) meeting. I was not sure if I would have time to continue my involvement in MUN this year because of my busy schedule, but considering that I enjoyed it so much I couldn't resist and had to go back.

Model United Nations is one of the many clubs that students are able to get involved in on campus. The purpose of the club is that students interested in political science and international relations or simply about United Nations, are able to learn more about the work that the UN does and how it responds to different issues around the world. Students also develop their writing and speaking skills because of the numerous papers and speeches that are required from members.

We are currently preparing for the High School Conference (HSC), that UD holds each year in the fall for high school students. The HSC is a learning conference, in which UD students help high school students learn the correct UN procedures. Approximately five hundred high school students attend the conference, so a lot of work and preparation from members of the club is required

Although, the club is demanding, it is one of the best groups to be in, because, all the members get to spend so much time together great friendships are formed. The club also organizes fundraisers and social events for members, which are usually a lot of fun.