Basketball Tournament

Every now and then, the Recreational complex (Rec Plex) at UD hosts Basketball Tournaments. Anyone can partake in these tournaments, girls and boys. Two of my good guy friends were in a team this year and invited me to go see them play. They play until they loose, however this time it was double elimination, so a team would get to loose twice before they got disqualified. I was there for an hour and a half and got to see them play only once, for twenty minutes, because I had to go shopping with my roommate. She is going through many job interviews, as she will be graduating this semester, so she needed professional clothes. As for me, I needed summer clothes because last year it was very cold in Dayton during this time and I assumed this year would be too, so I did not bring any summer clothes with me. We went shopping to the Dayton Mall, Greene Mall and Target. We had a lot of fun for six straight hours shopping and going around places checking clothes out and trying them out!