Bettering Balance

This break has been good so far. I have managed to balance being productive and enjoying time with friends. This is something I have started to work more on, especially since a day of life in the U.S consists of having to manage time much more than one does in Kosovo. When it comes to doing school work in the states, I feel like this never ends; whereas, in Kosovo our homework ends. Here, in the states, one has to truly master balancing in order to have a social life, manage to be successful, go to work, go to school, sleep, eat, and have time for yourself. All of this is very difficult to achieve in a day, especially when you set high standards for yourself. Today, I was able to have a good balance of little bit of everything. I went grocery shopping with one of my friends, did homework and worked on my thesis, with another friend. Then, one of my mom's friends' grandchildren came over to watch a movie. Later on I went to a craps party at a couple of French international students. Overall, it was a good day of balance.