CAB's Valentine's Day Dinner

Campus Activities Board is a student run organization on campus, which puts on various activities for the student body. Their latest event was a Valentine's day dinner, at Kennedy Union's Torch Lounge. The sold tickets for a great dinner, for couples. My roommate bought one to go with a friend, but she ended up not going so she gave it to me. I invited one of my best guy friends, who is from Puerto Rico. On the way there, we met one of his Beta Brothers ( Beta is one of the fraternities on campus, for men of principle) so I ended up going with the two of them. We had a great great night. A couple of their other Beta brothers were there, so for me it turned out as a Beta brother dinner. The dinner was great, they had two choices of pasta and chicken, salad and a delicious desert. We thought this was going to be a simple dinner, yet it was not as we expected and we had a great time.