Capstone Presentation

We had our first presentation for the Entrepreneurship Capstone course today. My group has been working diligently and tirelessly on this project for these last four months. We have spent hours and hours on it. Our grade basically depends on only two things: the presentation and the final report. The class requires that we solve an actual businesses' problem, make sure that they are profitable, reach their goal, and ensure that their business in sustainable. My group especially was posed with a difficult project, as we had to work within numerous constraints that the business faced as well as some that our client specified. After countless of times rehearsing we finally presented today for the first time in front of our professor, classmates, and group mentors (as each group in the class has a professional mentor too). The presentation was excellent and we received outstanding reviews from the mentors and our professor. We will be presenting to the client in two weeks. This is when our final report is also due. Today has been a great relief that we have taken the green light from our professors. The Entrepreneurship, as well as the business school, at UD keep students at high standards. Basically if you don't perform to the standard or above it for the professors and the mentors, you will not be presenting in front of the client.