Challenge for the Summer

I decided that this summer I will take it easy. I have already completed three internships as a college undergraduate and have had three different jobs. This summer, I will focus on trying to publish my thesis. In addition to that, I will take time for myself and focus on yoga and doing something that I wanted to always do. One of those things is that I got Rosetta Stone for French. My plan and goal is to learn French to that degree that I do not completely feel lost when my French friends speak to me in French like I am one of them. It's funny, but I don't like feeling lost in a language. I can get by fine when it comes to Serbian, Turkish, Spanish and Portugues (thanks to the numerous television shows that I have watched in these latter two languages). In turkish too I can get by, mostly through understanding, because my family speaks it and I have grown up with it. As for Serbian, I didn't get to fully learn it, like the older generations, because the war broke out so we got disconnected afterwards. Before the war, Kosovars were not allowed to have their own television in their own language so everything was in Serbian. And, you were required to know Serbian in Kosovo, But, not anymore. So, I can mostly understand and speak a little. French, however, I am in a bubble. I am lost when they talk. And, it is funny because I have so many French friends. So, by now it has become a requirement to learn at least some.