Clean-Up Time!

Following the awesome UD International Club (UDIC) annual Spring Dance, which this year was held at my house, it is time for clean up. The dance lasted a little longer than we had anticipate. But, students were having a very fun night, so we went on until everyone continued their night out to other parties. We had very diverse representation of student groups at the Spring Dance, all from Chinese, African, European, Latin and of course American and Kosovar! Although we had bought snacks, shrimp and lots of food. Because we had more people come we went to get some more snacks. It was a super fun night and everyone was dancing non-stop. This was a great way to finish this very successful year for the International Club. We have hosted numerous activities this year for local and foreign students. First Semester: We had General Meetings - a casual monthly social for all members A soccer tournament - a match between Miami University and UD Reneissance Festival - Where students attended the local festival Participate in Christmas on Campus Second Semester Valentine's Day Social St. Patrick's Day Social General Meetings Hosted the International Festival ( Around 400 attendees - international students, American students, alumni, staff and faculty) Spring Dance Check us out on Facebook - University of Dayton International Club for next year's activities!