Consciousness Concert

At the President's Emissaries meeting, one of the PE's mentioned the kick-off consciousness concert for the Human Trafficking conference that was held today. Maca, my Spanish roommate, and I designated Friday to study for our Mid-terms on Monday, but we decided to go check the event out. We only stayed for a while, to listen to the music and chat around with friends. They were passing out free energy drinks, free sushi, and were selling Cd-s. Two of my fellow PE's helped out at the human trafficking conference today. I was unable to attend, as I decided to stay in and study for my mid-term all day today. I made sure to figuratively, chain myself to my desk, and resist the beautiful weather outside that was so beautifully calling out my name. However, I managed to stay inside and study - as effectively as I could, considering that I kept hearing some of my fellow UD friends enjoying their porches playing cornhole and throwing the freezbee around. Lets hope my sacrifice, reflects on the grade.